COVID-19 Notice - Video Lesson Option

COVID-19 AlertUPDATE: As the new social distancing rules are now in efffect and rules for non-essential travel are changing daily, please keep in mind any current regulations may mean that your lesson cannot go ahead in person. Check the relevant Western Australian health departments website here for current rules.

Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know that for the moment it is business as usual at the singing studio. Yes, there are several government rules in place to restrict numbers of people gathering together and virus reporting rules, however in a one-to-one singing lesson, these precautions largely pose no significant issues. Please practice good hygiene when you are at the studio to prevent the spread of germs to other students (and teacher). If you are not feeling well, please let me know in advance and we can reschedule for another time when you are better. Also, if you prefer to stay at home for your lesson, we can hook up via video link and do the lesson remotely instead.

For those of you who are performers, this might be a difficult time for you as most venues are either rescheduling, postponing or cancelling performances in order to slow the spread the COVID-19 virus within the community. This isn’t the end of performing arts in this country and in due course I believe that the situation will normalise and public performances will return once the peak of the virus infections has passed.

Until then, keep up the practice, refine your instrument, and be the best singer that you can be for when you make your return!